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လုပ္ငန္း အမ်ိဳးအစား Import / Export
အလုပ္အကိုင္ အမိ်ဳးအစား Human Resources

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အလုပ္အကိုင္ အက်ဥ္းခ်ဳပ္

Can solve problem and can speak english very well.


Job Responsibilities:·       

  • Responsible for developing and maintaining policy and procedure manuals and ensure that are consistent with local laws and
    regulations as well as communicate these policy and procedure clearly to employee
  • Responsible for developing training and employee development programs for the company
  • Responsible for developing and implementing recruiting strategies and programs as well as designing the company-wide compensation scheme including benefits packages and market competitive salary and bonus programs and abilities on motivate the employees
  • Working with recruitment agencies to source for candidates for specific job positions
  • Maintaining HR records
  • Abilities of handling and managing insurance-related issues, tax issues, labour contract and workplace safety issues
  • Conducting various welfare activities and sustainability activities
  • Resolving grievances or queries that any of the employees have
  • Reviewing job descriptions for all positions at regular intervals and updating them in consultation with the respective manager


Required skills/qualifications:

-       Any Graduate, Diploma or Certificate HR Management

-       Minimum  5-year experience in the position of HR Manager

-       Good communication and interpersonal skills 

-      Adaptable, pro-active, dynamics and flexible

-      Person with integrity and must be aware of keeping confidentiality

-       Proficient in application of information & technological area

-       Fluent in English 4 skills

-    Capable of solving major HR issues

ကုမၸဏီ အေၾကာင္း အက်ဥ္းခ်ဳပ္

Founded in 1993, PHEE Group has three main business units in Shipping Agencies, Total Logistics Solution and Liner/Box Operation. The Group offers an entire spectrum of reliable and efficient logistics services from shipping, 3rd party logistics, warehous

ကုမၸဏီ အေၾကာင္း

In just 20-years, The Group has incorporated offices in Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar and will be expanding to its neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

By providing professional and reliable services to its valued clients over the years, PHEE Group has become one of the leading logistics players in the Indo-China region. PHEE Group is committed to long-term growth through its core businesses to become a 360 degree total logistics service provider.

In our company logo,  a round shape represents comprehensive 360 degree logistics service,
One of the circles represents cargo logistics and the other represents human logistics.
Thus, the logo represents us in providing comprehensive 360 degree of integrated cargo and
human logistics services to connect the world.





Room 505, MMG Tower, Strand Road, between 41st -42nd Streets, Botataung Township.



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Form Closed on 2017-01-01
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